Sub-Zero Repair Houston: Authorized for the Greater Houston Area


Sub-Zero Repair Houston: Authorized for the Greater Houston Area

A Sub-Zero refrigerator is no ordinary refrigerator. So, when it comes to Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, with what confidence can you expect any old appliance repair company in Greater Houston to handle these luxury appliances competently and with the care they deserve?

Having opened our doors in 1948, we’ve offered high-quality Sub-Zero repair to the Greater Houston Area since these luxury appliances first appeared on the scene. We’ve since put in the time, effort and care to be recognized and hand-picked by Sub-Zero and Wolf. Which is why, of the 200+ appliance repair firms in the Greater Houston Area, we are the exclusive Premier Partner and Factory Certified Servicer for all Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers, and the only Sub-Zero warranty service in town.


We Undergo Rigorous Factory Training
  • We know the common problems and can troubleshoot Sub-Zero issues much faster, letting you get back to your life
  • We can run computer diagnostics with proprietary Sub-Zero software, because not all problems are mechanical
  • We are comfortable working on integrated / built-in refrigeration for more intense repairs
Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Houston

Sub-Zero Certified Parts for Repair
We Only Use Factory Certified Parts
  • Sub-Zero Factory Certified parts are covered by a comprehensive one-year replacement warranty and guaranteed to perform better and last longer than counterfeit parts
  • Our warehouse is stocked with all parts for all Sub-Zero models, so if the freezer of your BI-36S/S refrigerator isn’t freezing, we stock the truck on that service call with the BI-36S/S parts likely to fix the issue

We Guarantee White-Glove Service
  • We treat your beautiful home with care; wearing booties and gloves, and using protective rugs so nothing – not floors, counters, or appliances – gets damaged
  • Our techs are trained to be friendly and communicative, so you always know what’s going on with your Sub-Zero appliances and why we’re recommending certain repairs
  • Our techs will even offer a crash course in use and care of your Sub-Zero appliances to keep them running smoothly and keep appliance repair techs like ours away
Sub-Zero Service

Sub-Zero and Wolf Customer Service
We Provide Warranty Service
  • We are the only repair company authorized to provide Sub-Zero warranty service and repair in Houston

Seasonal Comfort provides worry-free repair for your luxury appliance—no failed service calls, no surprises. Rest assured, your Sub-Zero is in good hands.

To schedule a service appointment or request a quote, call us at (713) 692-5151 or leave us a message on our Contact page.