Scotsman Ice Machine Repair Service: Factory-Authorized for the Greater Houston Area


Scotsman Ice Machine Repair Service: Factory-Authorized for the Greater Houston Area

Scotsman pioneered the home ice machine in the 1950s, and has continued to innovate and delight homeowners in the decades since. Seasonal Comfort opened its doors in 1948 and has been providing Scotsman ice machine repair since these appliances first appeared in the Greater Houston area. And, like Scotsman, it has been our mission to continually innovate our service experience to delight our customers.

We’ve put in the time, effort and care to be recognized and hand-picked by Scotsman. Which is why, of the 200+ appliance repair firms in the Greater Houston Area, we are one of the few authorized to service all Scotsman residential ice machines.


We Undergo Rigorous Factory Training
  • We know the common problems and can troubleshoot Scotsman issues much faster, letting you get back to your life
  • We have seen and fixed every Scotsman product on the market, new and old

We Only Use Factory Certified Parts
  • Scotsman OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are guaranteed to perform better and last longer than aftermarket and counterfeit parts
  • Our warehouse is stocked with all parts for all Scotsman models, so if your CU0415 model ice maker develops a leak, we stock the truck on that service call with the CU0415 hoses and valves needed to fix the issue

We Guarantee White-Glove Service
  • We treat your beautiful home with care; wearing booties and gloves, and using protective rugs so nothing gets damaged
  • Our techs are trained to be friendly and communicative, so you always know what’s going on with your Scotsman appliances

We Provide Warranty Service
  • We are one of a select few repair companies authorized to provide warranty Scotsman service in the greater Saint Louis area

Seasonal Comfort provides worry-free repair for your luxury appliances — no failed service calls, no surprises. Rest assured, your Scotsman is in good hands.